Is an assisted Living the same as a Nursing Home?

Residents in a nursing home require around the clock care and monitoring. They typically live with more complex health care conditions that require the assistance of a skilled nurse or a physical or speech therapist. Some require respiratory care services.

Residents in an assisted living community generally require custodial care. It might be a person who lives with memory loss and isn’t safe living alone. Or an adult with mobility problems who needs a little help transferring from their bed to their favorite chair. 

Do we have to bring our own furnishings?

We encourage to bring what makes you or your loved one feel right at home so if having your own furniture make you feel more comfortable definitely bring it with you! If you prefer we provide the furniture that is absolutely fine as well. 

How often can family visit?

We definitely encourage loved ones to visit as often as they wished. Out of respect to our other residents we encourage those to visit during daytime hours to minimize daily upkeep activity disruptions. 

What is the cost to reside at Z Haven Assisted Living?

Every residents needs are different, so the cost does vary from resident to resident. We do discuss the level of care with you and/or your loved ones and the options available. We will work with your budget and whats available in more details on your tour or if you choose our home to be placed.  

So what's included in the price?

The room rent, all utilities, toiletries, personal laundry services, linen changes, bed and bath cleaning, 3 home cooked meals with snacks, unlimited coffee and tea, medication management, assistance with daily living, with lots of love and attention.  

How many residents can reside at Z Haven Assisted Living?

Our home is licensed for 8 residents, which includes residents at a supervisory, personal, and directed levels of care.